Our company is focused on tourist, students, working people, people like you!

People thatneed to settle temporarily in our beautiful city Baden-Baden for a specific reason.

Our service has the following goal: Giving our full attention to your accommodation so that you do not have any effort with it. This is why we have a team of sales agents specialized in temporary rent, completely accustomed to any requirements and needs of travelers whether it is for pleasure or business reasons.

Based on those needs, we created Baden-Baden-Apartments, a different concept in temporary rent. The difference we make is accomplished thanks to the personal attention we provide to your expectations, interests, things that are key for an unforgettable experience.

Do not hesitate contacting us regarding anything you need to include in your list of things to do in the city, such as tours. Baden-Baden with all its unique streets, foods, arts, culture, and warmth of its people is waiting for you.

It is exactly that warmth with which we want to provide you with the very best service!

Live, feel and enjoy Baden-Baden.

Welcome Baden-Baden-Apartments, your home away from home!